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Can't change credit card - update button only refreshes the page

Can't change credit card - update button only refreshes the page

I need to change my credit card, and yet when I go to my account > subscription on the Spotify website and try to change my details by clicking the "Update" button - nothing happens! The page merely refreshes and I'm unable to enter my new details.


There are a number of posts on here attached to older "solved" topics so I've recreated this for visibility. There are a number of people tweeting about the same issue too.


I don't want to cancel my subscription just to update my credit card.

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Please fill out the online contact form to create a ticket with Support. If, for whatever reason, you cannot use the form, or would prefer not to, support can also be reached on twitter by reaching out to @SpotifyCares, or on Facebook by sending a message to the Spotify Cares Facebook page.
Please be aware that responses may take anywhere from 24-48 hours depending on the volume of tickets they are currently handling.

That link only allowed me to get into a "chat" with support. They simply suggested cancelling my subscription and resubscribing, which in the end I had to get them to do.


That's not really a solution, that's a workaround for a bug on your subscription page.

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