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Can’t change volume using Spotify Connect with iOS 11

Can’t change volume using Spotify Connect with iOS 11

I use Spotify Connect to play music on my Yamaha Rx-V479 AV receiver. I can no longer control the volume of this external device while using the iOS app on my iPhone 7 that has been updated to iOS 11.

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If got an similar Problem but it Ocurs on IOS 10 an 11.


When I hear Music on my I Pad, I can change Tracks and Artist from my I Phone but it seems to be not possible to change Volume. 


Did I miss something or is it not possible?


In my Car it is possible to change the Volume from the Phone. 


I would be glad to see this feature in the next update.

Hi, i've just got a Yamaha receiver connected to Spotify with MusicCast and had the same problem (except if connected with Bluetooth instead of airplay). I red on the Yamaha user guide that only the provided jack cable audio plugged in to the amplifier could let the apps manage the volume.. my amplifier is not provided with such an audio in connection! May you try?!'

Similar problem here: since last Spotify-update today, I can’t change the volume by the steering wheel even not by the car-audio in my car. I also can’t do it by the buttons on the iPhone, while connected over USB. Bluetooth does still fine.

devices: iPhone 6s, newest iOS 11, newest Spotify version, Mercedes s205 (2015) Audio 20, lightning cable to USB.

Has this problem been solved, I’m having the same issue with my C class

Still the same... 😞


Try to add any Any audio file to your mobile as if it is an ipod. This will fix the issue.

This happened to me for the last two iPhones I had. This fixed it both times. 👍

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