Can’t control on lock screen with iOS11

Can’t control on lock screen with iOS11




hope im posting in the right thread....since upgrading my iPhone 7 to iOS11 I can no longer control or operate the Spotify app via the lock screen. In the past when I would lift the phone to wake, if Spotify was playing I could play, pause, skip tracks etc, but now I have to unlock the phone and go into the app to do this. Very annoying. Is there a soution to this please? Thanks

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Hey @markyandrew, help's here.


We found that multiple users were experiencing this recently. Could you try reinstalling the app, then holding Home + Lock for 10 seconds to reset the mobile? 


This should make the Lock Screen work for you again on iOS 11 🙂




I'm having the same issues and the solution you provided isn't working for me. I'm running Spotify on my iPhone 7 with iOS11.0.1.


Thank you! Worked for me! 


Thanks for the suggestion! I'm running iOS 11.0.2 on my iPhone 7, but unfortunately the suggestion only temporaly fixes the problem.


Re-installing and soft-resetting the iPhone seems to fix the issue (at least for a while), because once I close the Spotify app and re-open it, the controls no longer appear on my lockscreen nor in the control center... any other suggestions on how to fix this?

  • Try resetting your settings. Go to Setting > General > Reset > Reset all settings. It will Reset your phone like it’s a new one, but your data and apps won’t be deleted in the process  which is good. Hopefully that will set everything straight 🙂


@JackS, that solution is only temporary, is Spotify working on an iOS 11 fix to permanently remedy this issue? This issue has been going on for a while now (since iOS 11 launch) and it’s becoming very irritating, it causes issues with Bluetooth too.

Thanks @JackS for he suggested solution but as others have said, this doesn’t fix it, only temporarily and then the problem returns. It’s kind of unacceptable that this hasn’t been permanently fixed by now. It really is annoying and I don’t bother using Spotify now, as it’s too much effort to navigate. Please confirm you’re aware this needs a perm fix and that you’re working on it for all us frustrated users. Thanks


Re-installing the App means to download all songs you want to listen to in offline mode again. Which takes a while. Just saying 🙂 


Yeah especially since we pay monthly for this service just to be irritated by it. May as well use Apple Music!!

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