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Can't delete a song from my playlist

Can't delete a song from my playlist

Hi all!

I used to be able to delete a song right off my playlist... I would simply slide a song to the left and a red "delete" square would come out and BAM! But now I can't do it.... Why is that?!
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Hey @ozzyj93 , since the new iOS Version 1.7 update, esp with the feedback of users thats complaining that they have accidentally deleted tons of tracks.

The new mechanism of deleting music is to hit the "..." button on the top right corner, and hit the edit menu option (the first option), and hit the screw on the left side for those you want to delete and hit the red delete key.

Hope that helps!
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This is NOT the solution I'm seeking, since I have 1000 songs in some playlists and can't scroll down to look for a certain song.


Earlier you could just search for it and swipe to delete it, now that feature seems to be gone, which is one of the worst chanegs I've ever seen in the app!

I agree it's a really bad change! If people have problems with accidentally deleting tracks there should be an option to turn the "sweep to delete" function off.

I agree. This is the most retarded change ever made.
At least put in the ability to press and hold on a track, and then choose delete.

Scrolling all the way to the top to press edit. Scroll all the way down and find the track. Delete. And then scroll all the way up to press done.
Its just soo retarded and Annoying


This is the worst change ever made !!!

Spotify is now useless for me. I will look for alternatives.


For me, music streaming is about discovering new music.

The great thing is that you can dig into unknown music without having to worry about the costs.

I used Spotify like this:


- I look for new music like "The best 300 Punk songs" or "500 progressive House tracks" or "200 amazing Tango tunes"

- I copy that music in my own playlists (on my Mac)

- Then I listen to that music OFFLINE (on my iPhone)


When I´m offline (in a car, plane, jogging) I start exploring this new music.

Now, of course: From the best 300 punk songs, I really like 40 at the end.

That means: 260 songs I don´t like. So I constantly delete songs. 


In a way, I´m acting like a A&R manager from a music company who has to go through a lot of demo tapes in order to find the gems.

Cool - Bad/Swipe - Bad/Swipe - Okay - Very Bad/Swipe - Boring/Swipe - Good etc

Only the good ones stay. The bad ones are swiped and deleted.

Very often I delete songs within 10 seconds !!


I used to do this with the swipe button in 1 second.

Just swipe + delete. So easy.

Now that this button is gone, Spotify is useless for me !!


There is absolutly now way to wander through large amounts of new music if I have to follow the new "delete procedure"  

(click three-dot icon - edit - find song - delete - exit edit mode - and repeat) every time.


I also agree with the other users that missing swipe/delete button is even worser if listening to playlists in the shuffle mode.

So please Spotify, bring the delete button back.


Otherwise I will go.

Fortunately there are so many streaming services now.

All cost the same, all have more or less the same amount of music.


So the on with the best usability will win. 





I think it's the sycing problem. If  you want deleted music disppearing forever. You should try iPhone Data Eraser. It's designed to erase data completely from iPhone/iPad/iPod. You can use it to delete music from iPad.
Step 1.Install iPhone Data Eraser on the computer and connect iPad with computer.
Step 2.Choose "Erase All Data on Device" on the list.
Step 3.Delete music on iPad. "Medium" level is the most common choice. Click "Start" to erase.

Thus, it's very easy to use, too.

Is there any way we can get an answer on this? We need a way to swipe and delete an individual song while it is playing in the starred playlist. In my Starred playlist, I have about 70000 songs that I like to listen to on shuffle. In this scenario, I cannot click the ..., then the edit button, find the song, and then delete it. As soon as you hit the ..., edit button, you have to go find the song in order to delete it. When on shuffle, with 70K songs, there is literally no way to do this. Enough people are asking to swipe, delete individual songs from the starred list on mobile app, NOT the current solution of ..., edit, find song, then delete. That is too convoluted. Please answer!!



If the songs you want to delete are in sequence top-to-bottom, hold the Shift key down, click the first song you want to delete, scroll down to the last song you want to delete, click that song, THEN...hit the Delete key on your keyboard.


If the songs you want to delate are NOT in sequence...same concept, only this time hold down the Command key, then individually select the songs you want do delete...then hit the Delete key on your keyboard.


BAM!  Blew your mind.


Blew mine at least.  Who thought it would be this simple.

Thank you so much for the help w/deleting songs!! Truly appreciate!

When I click the "..." the only options I get are Save, Add to Playlist, Add to Queue, Share, Go to Radio, Go to Artist.  I do not get an Edit option.  I used to have a Remove from Playlist option but that is also gone.

This is sad. Not I can't delete a song from my playlist on Google Chrome. You guys need to get your act together.

It's Great to know that you are actually taking customer feedback on board and trying to make things work, but this is a silly solution. What is the reason why you don't provide the delete option on the playback screen within the currently playing song menu?

As other users have said, if I'm playing ONE song that I want to delete from even a relatively small playlist of say 150 songs, I still don't want to have to scroll through all my tracks to find that song and click delete. I want to click the option button on the playback screen of that currently playing song and click 'remove from playlist'. It's the most effective way to edit your playlists on the go for speed and...

...Knowing that consumers want things done quickly this move is a backward step, especially if you have hundreds and hundreds of songs, which some people do!

You've provided them with the ability to do this, collect hundreds of tracks but then not considered this when implementing this very slow process of deleting songs.

Go for a halfway house, at least put the 'remove track from playlist' option in the playback screen options for the currently playing track. This would help a lot. Thanks

This deletes the whole playlist.i want to delete individual songs. Used to be able to do this


The Android version has the ‘Remove from Playlist’ option when clicking on the three dots next to a song in a playlist. Why is that not on iOS as well?! So annoying!

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