Can’t find all my downloaded songs on Spotify

Can’t find all my downloaded songs on Spotify

Hello, like the title says I cant find my downloaded spotify songs, I can only find the “liked songs” or my downloaded playlists. My device (iphone7) has the “Home”, “Search” and the “Your Library” tabs, when i go to the Library one i can see my playlists, artist and albums but not all my downloaded songs in one playlist or list. Is there an option to find all the songs or do i just have to “like” everything.

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Hey!! With some of the recent updates, it can certainly seem a bit confusing to find. The way you can access your downloaded music is by going to where you view all your playlists and clicking "Filters" in the upper right. 




As you can see in the middle picture, a menu will pop up and if you select 'Downloads,' and then you'll be able to view the songs/albums you've got saved to your device 🙂


Hope this helps!!

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