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Can’t see my music only playlists

Can’t see my music only playlists



My Question or Issue

 The new app sucks. It won’t let me see all of my music. Even if I wanted to make a new playlist I can’t. I hate it. 

6 Replies

If you go to the playlist section of your app, there will be a three bar symbol in the corner. This allows you to customize your list to appear ony certain albums ad you or someone else might have clicked this. If there are any options on, change the options to off or none and you should be able to see yourplaylists again. 

Now for the part, that you can't make a new playlist, you might wanna delete and redownload the app or icloud reset the phone if it matters that much. I hope that you do because it is a really quick and easy process to do and spotify is honestly worth it.

I hope I helped you 



You can create new playlists and listen to the ones you already have created or followed.

About your Songs, they are still there in you Library.

Just scroll down this article to the bottom to find out where they are.



B.s. Spotify does not allow me to see all of my songs on the mobile app. It still sucks and your suggestions **bleep**. Clearly a Spotify employee.

Nah, I'm not lol

The “three bar” symbol allows me to pick music that Spotify thinks I want to hear. It does not allow me to access the music I have already saved to use.  I cannot see the music “I want”. I can only see what Spotify “suggests”...mostly shot music. Again I hate it

The problem is that you don't see clear!

Your saved songs are in the image below. They all are inside Favorite Songs.

Have a nice day!


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