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Can't see who added to collaborative playlist anymore

Can't see who added to collaborative playlist anymore


I updated my Spotify app yesterday, but now I can't see who added what songs to a collaborative playlist I have with some friends anymore.


Has Spotify removed this feature, or is this is an option I can switch on and off somehow? I use the app on iOS 11.4.

Thanks, Daniel

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I have a similar issue, but the difference is, out of the three collaborators, my name shows up for all of us, but the other two people's names don't display for any of us...

Hey folks,


That's a bit odd. Does this happen on all devices? Have you tried with both a PC and a mobile device? We suggest that you keep your apps up-to-date and see if the same thing happens. On mobile devices, the names should appear before the artist/album, and on a PC, there should be a separate column for that. 


Also, have any of you changed your usernames, or connected your profiles to Facebook? Make sure that everyone is following the collaborate playlist.


A screenshot would be helpful here.


Keep us posted 🙂

Same issue here! Sharing a playlist that I made with several of my friends (all iphones 7 or newer, and one samsung), and it's not showing our names next to the songs we added only my name next to the songs I've added. Everyone is following the playlist and it is working on the app on my mac, but not on the phones. I updated the app but that didn't work so I deleted it and redownloaded it and it showed the names (except my name next to the songs I added) for a few minutes then I came back after listening for 20 minutes and they were gone with just my name next to the songs I added!! This really needs to be fixed as this feature is really important to me!

Has this issue been resolved?

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