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Can’t select songs on Premium anymore?!

Can’t select songs on Premium anymore?!







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So, the ONLY reason that I have premium and use Spotify is so that’s i can listen to any song I want from any album unlimited. If not for this I would cancel my subscription.


With that being said, today I was selecting songs like normal. Then out of no where the artist pages would not show any songs to select from or any albums. I am used to seeing the top 5 popular tracks, but now all of that is gone. Also, my green button that is for following artists has now changed to shuffle play and pause. It is not ok with me. This has to change back or I will get another service that can provide unlimited songs like I was getting.


I checked my updates for the app and it looks like 2 days ago my app was updated.

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Came here to ask the same question. Don’t know why they insist on fixing an app that isn’t broken. The last few updates have been terrible. You can still queue the songs, but apparently you can’t do it from the artists page anymore.

Discography is also missing from the artist page.  It's strange too... It's missing from some, but not all artist pages.

It seems to have come back now.

Having the same problem, funny enough can selects songs from my liked library but not any playlists or artists pages. Fixed issue temporarily by logging out and back in but the next day same issue again. Logging back in was an issue as well. 

Hi there @unicorns69ing,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community and welcome!


Could you try logging out, restarting your device, and logging back in? If this doesn't make a difference, try restarting the app twice in a row. This may sound odd, but is how the app does a resync in the device.


If the issue persists, can you let us know if the songs in other playlists or artist pages are appearing greyed out, or if they appear normal but nothing happens when you tap on them?


Keep us posted.

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