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Can't select tracks

Can't select tracks

Hi, I've been reading some threads about not being able to play individual tracks and I noticed that a suggested fix is to log out and back in. I'm using iphone 5s. I've tried logging out but it hasn't worked. Can someone help pls?
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Are you using Spotify Premium?

If not, on-demand playback on mobile devices is a Premium feature. Free and Unlimited subscribers can only listen in shuffle mode on mobile devices.

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Im using the free service but i can still listen to individual tracks on my iphone 4, its only the iphone 5 that it doesnt work on?


@JP1975 Shuffle on spotify free applies to all mobile phones as explained in this FAQ. Maybe you have the free 48 hour premium trial on your iphone 4? 


Anyway, as this doesn't concern android devices, I'm moving the thread into the iOS section of the forum.

How do I contact support as it works fine on my girlfriends iphone, my ipad, my laptop everything accept my iphone 5?

If you check out the chart in this post, you'll see that free gives different features on PCs, tablets and mobile phones. Not being able to play specific tracks on mobile is as it should be. Did you notice the words "Why can’t I play a specific song? - Streaming on demand is a Premium-only feature. To play any song, anytime, just upgrade to Premium." in the FAQ I linked you to?


I have no idea why your girlfriend can play tracks on demand but you can complain to the support team about this using the contact form.

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