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My IPhone doesn't synchronize any playlist. Mij wifi works fine. What can I do do solve this?

Many thanks!

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@ingeh79 I'm going to pop this over to the iOS section.


Does your iphone show up in the desktop client when you follow the instruction in the FAQ?

I have the same problem (since two months). I tried solutions published here but no one worked for me. Going to cancel premium subscription and look for some other services.

@herrPups ...or you can provide a bit more information (the template in this post is quite helpful) and we can try to troubleshhot with you.

That I did, but I can not listen the playlist offline. They don't get green...

And I don't see my iphone visible at the devices...

Are you using your own router? If so, try this:


  • Temporarily disable all firewalls, antivirus and security programmes on your PC
  • Make sure that UPnP is enabled on the router
  • Restart your iphone, connect it to the wireless network and start up spotify


The iphone should now show under devices and synching should work.

Thanks, but 1 question:what is UPnp...? Sorry....;-)


Universal Plug and Play - it should appear in your router settings pages.

I really don't know what you mean... I have a modem of UPC and a Time Capsule as a router. Can you help me step by step what to do? thanks!

OK the time capsule doesn't support UPnP. Can you just confirm that both your PC and your mobile are using the wireless router? You don't have the PC connected direct to your modem do you?

My pc and my mobile are using the same wireless router. But I am able to use 2 networks. 1 of my time capsule and 1 of upc but i am using the one of my timecapsule on both devices. Is that what you mean?

Yes, both need to be connected to the same network, so that's fine. The only thing left then, assuming you turned off any software firewalls, security and antivirus apps, is that the time capsule is stopping the phone from showing up on spotify on the PC. I don't know enough about the time capsule to offer any suggestions but maybe someone else has experience.


I did notice people complaining that the lack of UPnP on the time capsule stopped various other apps working for them.

but if i do not use the network of the timecapsule, but the network of the modem of UPC on both devices, than I shouldn't have this problem, should I?

  • how do I temporarily disable all firewalls, antivirus and security programmes on my PC?

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