Can't share music with followers!

Can't share music with followers!


I've been a premium user for a few months and didn't think it was possible to share music within the app because a key feature isn't working for me.

When I go to 'Share', 'Send to' and then 'Select people', the resulting window is blank. When k type in the username(s) of the proposed recipient(s), it's still blank.

Can anybody help?
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*When I type in the username(s) of the proposed recipient(s), it's still blank.

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Odd. What OS and Spotify version are you running? Have you tried a Clean reinstallation of Spotify?

Make sure you are following the person as well. Can you find the user by either searching for their full name in the search bar or - if they are a Spotify username based account - searching the top bar using the syntax "spotify:user:username" without the quotation marks?



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I have the same problem on my iPad. A clean install didn't help. I can find my friend doing a regular spotify search, but he won't turn up in the "send to" "select person" list. That list is empty. I am following him. The screenshot shows that I'm following him, but I can't find him in the select person list


I'm having the same issue on iOS. I'm properly following a friend, but they do not appear in the Send To - Select People list.


A clean reinstall failed to resolve this.

However, this works on my desktop client, which confounds me even more.

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