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Can`t sync my local files from PC to iPhone

Can`t sync my local files from PC to iPhone

Hi, need your help..i`ve tried to sync my local files (mp3`s) to my iphone but it wont work. I have a PC with windows 7 running and i have done the following:

1. Added my local files in Spotify on computer

2. Added them to playlists and also in offline mode

3. Connected my iPhone to computer with USB cable

4. Opened the spotify app on iphone and marked the playlists in offline mode.


I can see the track in the playlist but it wont start to sync, just says 0 of 1 track synced..what am i doing wrong?


Appreciate any help.

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


For android and iOS devices, you need to connect your computer and your iPhone to the same WiFi network to sync local files. As far as I am aware it does not work using a USB cable. The full instructrions are located here.



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Hi Peter,


Yes, the iPhone is connected to the same network and i think i know what the problem is..turns out it`s my ESET firewall that causes this issue. When i disabled the firewall it started to sync the files and my iPhone turned up under "devices" in the spotify application on my PC.


Now i just need to figure out how to make this a permanent solution, not sure how to set this up in ESET. Anyone know?





I'm having a similar problem. I've got an iPhone 4 (just updated to iOS 6) and Windows 7 laptop, and I've followed the instructions to sync library tracks exactly.


The track I want to sync is on the playlist on my iPhone now, but it's not available to play on or offline and isn't showing in my local files in my app. Please help!



This is amazingly stupid. Why in the world would you not be able to do this with a USB cable?

This drives me bonkers. My wifi is incredibly slow; it should be a basic feature to sync through USB. Soptify needs to upgrade.

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