Cannot Sync Local Files


Cannot Sync Local Files


I just got spotify premium and made my playlist availible offline but all the local files in that playlists do not work on my iphone.  It keeps telling me to sync them while on the same wifi as my laptop which I am but they still don't work.  I searched multiple other threads with the same problems and have yet to find any solutions. 

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Its your Iphone sincronized with your note?...I had the same a moments ago and i could fix it becaue of this. Close the Iphone app and enter again.

Re: Cannot Sync Local Files

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  1. With an active Internet connection, select a playlist.
    Note: By default you will need to connect over Wi-Fi. If you'd like to sync tracks over 3G/4G, turn on 'Sync over Cellular' inSettings > Music Quality.
  2. Tap Available Offline to ON at the top of the playlist.
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  3. A green arrow will appear next to the playlist when it’s available.
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  4. Turn on Offline Mode in Settings > Playback and tapping the switch at the top.
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You can also sync albums saved in Your Music the same way.

To sync local files, connect your iPhone to the same wifi as your computer, with the app open on both over the same wifi network.