Cannot log in Spotify on iPhone 5c



For starters, I do not log in Spotify with facebook. I just put in my e-mail and password and that's how I've always done it. When I received my company phone today, it's been a big mess. It's an iPhone 5Cc.

I tried to log in and it kept telling me it was the incorrect password- I was almost sure I remembered it but seeing that my spotify was already logged in usually, I figured maybe I just forgot. After changing the password, I go to log in and it still doesnt work. I try repeatedly, thinking maybe I typed it wrong and no. I uninstalled Spotify, reinstalled it, and I got the same response. I tested my password online and I verified it's correct. I changed it again, reinstalled it, thinking it could have been a bug and it's still not working.

Is there anything else I can do?



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Nevermind.... i had a moment. It wasnt the password it was the email I put in incorrectly.



Glad it works 🙂

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