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Cannot open playlists or albums

Cannot open playlists or albums






iPhone 11 Pro 

Operating System

IOS 13.5


My Question or Issue

 Spotify will not let me open albums or playlists that aren’t mine (see photo/file).


12 Replies

@limonthewasher wrote:

Spotify will not let me open albums or playlists that aren’t mine (where it lists songs and says “and more” at the end).

That is how Spotify Free plans work:


Is it only possible to shuffle play music?

Any playlist with the Shuffle icon can be listened to on Shuffle.

Playlist without the Shuffle icon are available to Pick and Play. These are playlists you can play in any order and skip tracks as much as you like.

Hi! This is because, from what I can see, you are using a free plan. With spotify on mobile, you will not be able to fully albums or playlist. As well you will only be able to shuffle play!


Hope this helps!

I cannot view the songs in the playlist is what I’m saying. I can play them with shuffle but I can’t press where it lists the songs.

@limonthewasher wrote:

I cannot view the songs is what I’m saying

Again it's normal on Free accounts.

I’ve had free Spotify for 5+ years and I was always able to list all the songs on mobile without a problem. Until this week july 20, 2020 I’m no longer able to. Any insight on this please?

I'm experiencing this too! I've tried everything from deleting the app, restarting my phone, even clearing the cache! What is going on!

I’m also having this problem.

see I'm not the only one that this has only recently happened too. I hope for some info soon as it's quite annoying! thank you

I also have this problem 😞

This is something I'm experiencing as well, started around same time too

I really hope they didn’t change it to a premium feature...

Hey there folks,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community! We're happy to shed some light on the situation.


If you're on the free, ad-supported plan, play individual songs on-demand on mobile devices. That's why you can't preview a list of all the tracks contained within an album or a playlist that's not "Pick and Play". However, you should still be able to listen to the shuffled tracks. For full info about the free experience on mobile, we'd recommend checking out this Spotify Answer.


In case you'd like to see this feature return, you can add your +VOTE to this idea to show your support - it's the best way to provide your feedback for new features such as this one.


If you're interested in learning more about the different types of subscriptions we offer, you can take a look at the support article here.


Hope this clarifies things. Let us know if you have any further questions.

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