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“Cannot play station” pop up

“Cannot play station” pop up


Recently newly added music has a weird quirk on on the ellipsis to the right of a song title to bring up the menu, and on top of the menu, before you even select anything, you get a pop up: “Cannot play station. Sorry this station can not be started. Please try another one.” Even though I haven’t selected the Station or had any intention to.  


Every new song from this week has this bug, at least all that I’ve clicked on. Started happening last week.  








(iPhone 10xs max)

Operating System

(iOS 12)


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9 Replies

  • Same here. Too annoying. What's up with this..?

Happening to me also, quite annoying.

Yep same; it's happening for every single song on my Spotify. It means I can't queue songs without this message popping up welp.

This is still broken, and I haven’t heard any acknowledgment that Spotify engineers are aware of this issue.  Anyone seen any response?

I’ve been having the same problem. It’s really ruining my experience with the app. I love Spotify and I don’t want to switch, but if this keeps happening I’ll have to. It’s just too annoying.

Same here. Any word yet?

This is happening to me too! This is very frustrating! Why is Spotify not responding!?

Me as well, super annoying as I click the elipsis frequently creating playlists with new music.


- iPhone XS

Hey Spotify....THIS IS STILL HAPPENING.....FIX IT already or at the very least ACKNOWLEDGE the existence of this bug.

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