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Cannot use spotify mobile offline on iPhone 3G

Cannot use spotify mobile offline on iPhone 3G

I am trying out the 30-day free trial premium account, and have downloaded the Spotify app to my iPhone 3GS. Playlist is turned to be available offline and synced. However, when I launch the app on the iPhone it requires me to have an internet connection to login via Facebook or Spotify details, so I can't even get to my playlist. How can I get around this? It defeats the purpose if internet is requried to listen to offline playlists!

Help please?

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Yes, can someone please reply?!?

I got the same problem. First it worked excellent, during the trial period and after when I actually started to pay for it, it didn't function anymore??

Hey I just turned my i-phone off completely and restarted it, and now it works again? 🙂

Works again how?  Does the app not ask you to log in?  


The only way I can figure out how to listen to playlist offline without internet, is to log in before I leave my house.  When i open up the app again, with no internet connection, then I can play.  


This is deceiving, cause Spotify states you can listen offline.  Yes, but only after logging in ONLINE and then moving to a location where I am offline. 



Hey guys, this has been resolved on another thread.


Go here and follow instructions:


Hope this helps.

Thanks for the link, but still not working.  I log in and my itouch says "could not find the spotify network (a dns problem occured)  Make sure your network connection is working and try again"  


UGH!  What am I doing wrong, if anything?

That sounds like a problem with your router and Internet settings to me. Are you having any trouble accessing the Internet on your touch?

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