Songs won't start playing

Songs won't start playing

Updated the App on my iPhone 4 yesterday and now the songs won't start playing. They're not buffering--just not playing on from 0:00 as if they're paused. The triangle "play" icon turns to a "pause" symbol and everything. I have a strong wifi connection on my phone and everything else is working as it should. Songs are even available in offline mode and still won't play.


Long car ride ahead of me today, and I really need my music--any help would be really appreciated!



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I have the same issue.  Full wifi and songs won't play!

I have the exact same problem. I was using spotify in my iPhone this morning, the music stopped in the middle of a song and I haven´t been able to start any song since. It looks just right, but when I press "play" nothing happens.

I have the same problem how do we fix this? Urgently

On my ipad songs either won't play, or just stop playing and won't start since the last update. The irony is that the update was said to deal with conection problems! Seems they have created many more.... oh dear, where is the quality control testing????

I have the same annoying problem as you guys!

I can log on, both on WIFI and 3G networks, but its as if Spotify thinks its offline or something.


Would appreciate a fix as this is really getting on my nerves..



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