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Cant see Follow panel of friends playlist stream activity.

Cant see Follow panel of friends playlist stream activity.

Hi my desktop app has stopped showing the panel to the side with what my friends are playing.

Is there a way of getting it back? For the life of me I cant seem to find where to do this.


Also when I go to follow under facebook it says "There are no more friends to show at this time."


I've reinstalled and signed out and back in serveral times?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey @Harry180 - I'm not sure about the Facebook part of your question, but the scrolling activity area on the right side of the desktop app has been removed for some users as part of a random beta test Spotify is doing, and replaced with an Activity view that you should see in the navigation area on the left side of the app, where you see Browse, Discover, etc.  Either that, or you may have accidentally closed it, and you can open it up again through the menu bar at the top- just go to View -> Activity Feed, and make sure it's "checkmarked".

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Thanks so much for taking the time to look at this,


I have that Activity view but none of my friends show up here only Artists that I follow?


I dont have the option for View -> Activity Feed?

the only options under View are -> Large Now Playing Artwork, ->Go back, -> Go forward & ->Full Screen

Sorry, I could have been a little clearer in my reply- if you have the new Activity view, that replaces the Activity Feed on the right, so you wouldn't have access both- it's either/or.  I still have the feed on the right myself, so I can't speak to what you see in the Activity view.  Maybe someone else who has it can. 

What's a Spotify Rock Star, and how do I become one?

Same problem here.  The latest beta has removed the activity panel and I cannot see friend's activity in the activity page.

Is there a way to revert back?

If you are watching windows on tv Try raising tthe screenresolution under windwos screensetting worked for me  (to 1280x768 ) on a panasonic 720plasma tv (vga input) showed suddenly the right kolom with friends activity and what they played etc.

before that things looked normal with everything in the right place spotify screen but no right kolom

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