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Canvas doesn’t work

Canvas doesn’t work

Hey y’all,


i’ve been using Spotify for 6 years now, and my canvas feature always toggled on, but never worked. I know they’re available for certain songs, but believe me i listen to all kind of music, never seen it. I tried to clear caches, uninstall the app and talk to Spotify support, non of them worked. Could anyone help .. thx 

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Hey @Atomicmvn, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!


Could you go to Settings > Playback and scroll to the bottom to check if Canvas is available for you to turn on or not.


Keep me posted 🙂

It’s there and i can toggle it on/off, and it’s been toggled on since day one

Hey @Atomicmvn,


Could you try signing in with another account on this device?

Also, if possible try using the current account on another device to see if the same thing happens there.


Keep me posted 🙂

Hey Loxer,
I’m thankful for you reaching out trying to help.

I’ve tried both signing in with another account and with another device, unfortunately it doesn’t work.

Honestly i start to think it’s region related cause one of my friends have the same issue

Hey @Atomicmvn,


It could be that, what's your country so I can try to find out more?


Thanks 🙂


Edit: It cloud take a couple days before I get to you with an answer

I’m from Saudi Arabia.
Please, that would be great!

Hey @Atomicmvn,


Could you check to make sure that Data Saver is toggled off in the app's settings?

It could be the culprit of this.


If that doesn't work either then it means Canvas is not available yet in your country, it could be come in the future but I don't know when exactly.


Maybe start a new idea in Idea Submissions board.


Thank you!

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