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CarPlay limiting lists to 200 items

CarPlay limiting lists to 200 items

This seems to be a wide-spread issue that had been report by hundreds of people within your community without any action or response from Spotify. 


While usong spotify with CarPlay (which is equipt in most new cars), all lists (artist list, song list, playlist list) are limited to the top mere 200 items within the given list. For example, when scrolling through my list of saved artists I will only see the the first 200 (despite the fact I have 600+ saved artists) sorted alphabetically. This is the same for song and album lists. 


Given the extremely strick laws around using your cell phone while driving in most western countries I am shocked this is still an issue with Spotify. This makes Spotify virtually obscelete with CarPlay, and forces users to unsafely use their phones to use the Spotify platform. For comparison, Apple Music does not limit lists. 


When can users expect this to be corrected?











(iPhone X + Apple CarPlay)


Operating System

(iOS 11 & iOS 12 Beta)


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1 Reply

Hey @JRAU,


The ability to have more than 200 songs loaded in CarPlay is an idea already suggested by the community. However, it did not receieve enough votes, and has become inactive.


If you want this to be changed, try getting as many votes as possible on that idea.


Hope this helps!

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