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Carplay no longer works, cannot browse but can start on phone

Carplay no longer works, cannot browse but can start on phone







iPhone 7+ w/ ios 11.4


My Question or Issue

 Carplay was fine this morning, but no longer works on my drive home. When I access spotify on the headunit, I get a "carplay is not available with this version of spotify", although I did not update anything. I can start playing on my phone, and then the "now playing" tab will work, but I still cannot browse spotify at all on the head unit. Have to now choose songs on my phone and use the now playing tab.

11 Replies

I just had the exact same problem in the UK. 


I just posted a topic with this content:

So I was just driving along the road in my car which supports Apple CarPlay. My Spotify was working completely fine, and then completely out of the blue (no updates or anything) my Spotify stops working and when I click on the part that says "Spotify Unavailable" I receive the message which I posted in the subject "We're sorry, but this version of Spotify doesn't support CarPlay"


I have since deleted the app and re-installed it and I have turned my phone off and one and the problem still hasn't gone away. 


I am extremely confused, and annoyed by this, as I only purchased Spotify this week as I just got a new car and wanted Spotify for CarPlay which makes my purchase worthless to me if I can't use it for the reason I bought it. I am so confused as there had been no update to the app on my phone and as I said it was working completely fine and MID-JOURNEY it just stopped working and said that this version doesn't support CarPlay, even though it was the same version as it was 5 seconds before when it was working completely fine.


Is/has anyone else experienced this problem AND PLEASEEEEE could someone find a solution to this ASAP. I really don't want to have just bought Spotify for one reason for it to not work for the one reason I bought it!




Makes me feel a little better I guess. I also tried updating to new version of iOS, restarted, and also reinstalled Spotify. No luck. 

I have the same problem in brand new Seat Leon in Poland. I spent 1h for reinstalling, updating, reconnecting and etc. and it's still the same problem. We should wait for solution from Spotify support.

I just don't understand how this can just do this randomly with no updates or anything. 


I witnessed it just completely blank and then just say that.


I really hope it's because of some internal developments and they will fix it soon!

I think it is connected with spotify server problem.

I agree, that's what I thought when I saw it.


I imagine it is because there has been no previous history of this issue and we have all experienced it at the exact same time 

I've just been speaking with Spotify support and they assured me that their app is working perfectly and so this is an issue which we need to address with Apple.


So by the sounds of things Spotify are saying that the problem we are all facing stems from Apple's side of things and not Spotify. 


Going to contact Apple now to see if they can assist on this issue



So as it turns out all I needed to do was update my iPhone to the latest version. Seems to be working fine for me now.


Will keep you posted if this changes, but yeah just as simple as an update 😄 😄 

What version is your spotify and iOS? Thought I was up to date as well, still not working 😕

My Spotify version is


My iOS is 11.4


I never got notified on my phone that my iPhone needed updating so have a check on your updates tab in your iPhone settings and you might have an update waiting, unless you are already on iOS 11.4?

here in brazil also stopped working and shows the same message

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