Carplay - sorting question

Carplay - sorting question






iPhone 7


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Using Carplay I notice that under Library --> Albums or Library --> Artists items are sorted only by alphabetical order despite how they are displayed/sorted on my iphone. Strangely that doesn't occur with playlists or podcasts that reflect perfectly how they are sorted on my iphone. Is that a normal/intended behaviour or do we have a bug here?


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+1 for this... it basically makes the CarPlay app unusable.


Apple Music shows 'Recently Added' as the default view for your library.

When driving without the luxury of Siri that works, surely most users will want to play their most recent music by default?

Glad to know that someone else think this a “serious” issue with CarPlay implementation. It seems nobody care about that...even YouTube Music Has a better CarPlay implementation

Yep. I think the number of times I've decided "I want to play whatever music is first alphabetically in my library" is a strong zero! 😆

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