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Certain local files won't sync to new phone

Certain local files won't sync to new phone






iPhone SE 2nd gen

Operating System

Most recent iOS


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Recently got a new phone and obviously had to redownload my library. I have a lot of local files and most of them transferred but some of them refuse to. They still show in my playlists and show as downloaded (with a green downloaded symbol next to them) but I cannot play them on my iPhone. They are grayed out like a they are unavailable. They play fine on my iPad running the same iOS and my computer where they are located. I am stumped here. I have been able to add new local files successfully so it's not an issue with my network or my settings. 


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Hi @lancelotdlx,


Thank you for posting on the Community.


Please try the following: run a clean reinstall on the desktop app, then create a new folder somewhere else on the PC and move the local files there. Then, install Spotify again and select the new source folder. After this, try to synchronize the playlists again on your phone. Does it work now? 


Let us know how this goes!

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