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Change language back to english.

Change language back to english.

I currently live in Taiwan. After my last update of spotify the app for some reason changed to Chinese. I am not able to set the language back to English. Can someone describe how to get English back? If possible please use pictures, as I do not understand Chinese.
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Hello @Torkeld and welcome to the community!


I'd recommend to do this within your desktop client. Press CTRL+P (Windows) or CMD+, (Mac - yes the second character is a comma) to go to your settings. Here is a screenshot with the english translations, it should be the 3rd bubble for you as well to change the language:



If you are using the iOS app, you need to change in the language in iOS Settings > General > International normally then restart your phone.

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Thank you so much! your answer was a perfect and quick help


Please convey my regards to UX spotify designer and ask them to include language in the Setting tab!

How about the android app? I have same problem, really annoying

There's a country flag in the bottom, click that and it brings up more countries. Choose the language you want


Can you post a picture of where that flag is in the android app? I cant find it.

Thanks in advance.

It is just rediculous how it has chenged language on it's own (In my case on Czech) and that there is no way to change it on mobile.
Shame on you, devs

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