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Chromecast Audio and iOS

Chromecast Audio and iOS

Hello, I have a couple of questions vwith Spotify via Chromecast Audio.


1) At the end of each song on a playlist (or album), there is a slight gap in audio a few seconds before the song ends. This is not the normal gap between songs, this happens while the song is still playing. It lasts for about 2 seconds, then the song resumes for a few seconds before ending and the next song begins. It happens all the time, but only when casting to my Chromecast audio. It didn't work when I airplayed nor when playing on my iPad.


2) Speaking of gaps, in regards to the normal gap between songs, is there a gapless setting? Some albums have songs that merge into the next, and for these I would like gapless playback.


3) In regards to Chromecast, how to I set Spotify to send to Chromecast before I fire up Spotify. For AirPlay, I could always just flip up the control panel and switch to AirPlay globally, but how do I do this for Spoity and Chromecast. I always have to start playing a song, then switch it. Is there a setting somewhere?

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