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When I play over Airplay the system stutters and stops (kicked out of Airplay connection)

When I play over Airplay the system stutters and stops (kicked out of Airplay connection)


When I use spotify over Airplay the music stops or stutters consistenly


A more detailed description, using numbered steps

1. Play any playlist (downloaded or radio)

2. Connect to my Apple TV via wireless

3. Plays briefly and stops / stutters

4. I reset both phone and Apple TV

5. I restore apple TV (from scratch) and completed a clean re-installation of Spotify on my phone

6. Stuttering and stopping continues


What I expected to happen

Stutterig and stopping to stop


What actually happened

Stuttering and stopping did not stop


My iPad/iPhone model

iPhone 5


Device’s Operating System

iOS 7.0.4


Is your device jailbroken?



Approximately how many playlists do you have?

Fewer than 10, 3 downloaded into phone


My mobile Spotify version


My desktop Spotify version (if applicable) (no problems with this one)


My provider and country



My username



Do you have any screenshots you can attach to more clearly explain your issue?


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One more detail. Spotify works well when is not connected to the apple tv

Same problem here. Have two Apple TVs and 3 IOS devices. Same issue occurs on all. Seemed to start with IOS7 updates. 

This issue is quite annoying to me too. 

It mainly happens whe I stream Spotify from my Mac to the Apple TV by AirPlay.

I also have a previous generation Airport Express with AirPlay and speakers connected to it, there is some stuttering when I stream to that one too.

There is no stuttering when streaming via AirPlay from iPad (3rd gen, iOS 7.0.4) and iPhone (4S, 5S iOS 7.0.4).

On the Mac I'm running the latest version of OSX and I also bought and Airport Extreme latest generation, it didn't fix the issue.

It might be Spotify or it might be Apple and AirPlay from the Mac, as I have almost no issues from the iOS devices. I was also getting stuttering when streaming the sound from Skype for instance (I use Apple TV and the attached speakers a lot like the main speakers for the Mac) and this would make me inclined to think that it is the OSX on the Mac and AirPlay.

AirPlay from iTunes on the Mac to Apple TV always works flawlessly though.

Same issue.  Latest Apple TV, latest Apple TV OS.  Spotify almost never works and almost always disconnects when playing from my Mac to my apple tv, playing from my iPhone 5 to my apple tv or playing from my iPad3 to my apple TV.  Latest OS for evrything except my Mac Pro is running 10.8.5.  


iTunes over Airplay works 100% everytime.

Just started happening to me a few weeks ago. Updated to the latest Apple TV firmare this morning and nothing changed.


Streaming Spotify on iPad to Apple TV via Pioneer VSX60 receiver


Playlist will play for 1 to 3 songs and then just pause itself.


Playing on my iPad only, it will play forever.

Playing to my Sonos speakers, plays forever

I have the same problem, apple TV 3 with the latest update and iPad 4 with iOS 8.1.1.


Starts playing normal but after some time it stutters... 😠

FWIW, deleting the app and reinstalling it temporarily fixes the issue, but it comes back again after a while.

When I play my spotify on my Ipad2  or on my Iphone6 and then I play it thru apple tv2 spotify playys for a short time and then stops playing when my Ipad goes to sleep.When I awaken my iad it plays over the airply again for ashort time and then stops agin. If I play  spotiify on my ipad2 only (not on airplay) it plays indefinitely.    I have the latest ios on my ipad. Any suggestions to avoid this problem

Same problem here, since january 2015 (no premium account, now free) spotify app for ios looses connection after 1-10 minutes from apple tv via lan connected. connection form other app have no problems. 



I also have this problem, and it's only a problem with Spotify as mentioned by someone else here already. Music starts to stutter and stops after a few seconds of playback and then I'm thrown out of Airplay. It's actually totally unusuable. Playing music through iTunes with Airplay works flawless and streaming movies with HBO Nordic also works without any issues. This has worked fine before and it started with an update of the Spotify app. The issue persists regardless if its streamed or if the playlist is downloaded for offline use. I have had Spotify Premium since it was initially launched here in Sweden = loyal customer :] plix plox fix fox.


Have anyone of you had any luck with this?


br undelete

I started experiencing this issue when I upgraded to a 4th gen Apple TV.  The stuttering was pretty unbearable and only occured when using the Spotify iOS apps (Apple music had no issues whatsoever).  I tried many of the solutions proposed - turned off Bluetooth, disabled WMM, moved devices around, etc. - nothing worked.


I started to poke around at my router settings.  I discovered that CTS Protection Mode was set to "Disabled".  The default setting is "Auto".


Changing CTS Protection Mode to "Auto" fixed this issue for me.


According to my router:


CTS Protection Mode

CTS (Clear-To-Send) Protection Mode boosts the device's ability to catch all wireless transmissions, but will severely decrease performance. SelectAuto if you want the device to use this feature as needed, when the Wireless-N/G products are not able to transmit to the device in an environment with heavy 802.11b traffic. Select Disable if you want to permanently disable this feature.

As the router description suggested, enabling this feature greatly decreased my performance.

I've disabled CTS and the stuttering has returned. Time to think about switching to Apple Music I guess.

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