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Chromecast skipping multiple songs in a row

Chromecast skipping multiple songs in a row






iPhone 6s, Panasonic TV with built-in Chromecast 

Operating System

iOS 12.1 

My Question or Issue

I have Spotify on both an Android and my iPhone. I have two TVs I can cast to with built in Chromecast, one is a Visio SmartCast TV and the other is a Panasonic TV. Whenever I cast to the Visio with either phone, I have zero issues with playback. However, recently I have started having problems with my Panasonic. When I cast any playlist to it, the TV skips 5-6 songs in a row whether I try to stop it or not, and it pauses them when I pause in real time so I know it’s connected properly. When it skips that many songs in a row, it will then play the first ten seconds of any song (always only goes to 10) and then playback stops on the TV but continues on my phone. If I pause on my phone and play again, the phone goes back to 0:10 and there is no sound from the TV and the playback does not continue. This is a big problem and is very irritating as that is my bedroom TV and my Spotify can only cast to my living room TV without issues.  I’ve updated the app on both devices, updated my device software, deleted and reinstalled, rebooted all devices involved, everything. I just want this to stop. 

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