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Clean versions need going

Clean versions need going

I’m trying to listen to Logic Incredible true story but the only version on here has the swearing beeps even for the word **bleep** , on my friends Spotify his is completely fine I’ve tried getting the songs from his playlist but is still censored. Any responses are appreciated 

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Hi @Teqah and welcome to the Community! 🙂
Have you already confirmed in your app settings that the "allow explicit content" is toggled on or off? This is the first thing I can think of since I can listen to the explicit version with no edits. I don't know of any clean version of the album on Spotify, but the explicit filter will block explicit tagged songs from playing.
I also don't have any restrictions for content on my iphone's internal settings or the Spotify app.
Hopfully this helps! 🙂

My allow explicit content is on and I can hear explicit songs fine apart
from this album which is censored just for me it seems like. I’ve checked
in settings and there’s nothing to say about explicit content , literally
no idea what’s going on
Thanks anyway

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