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Local files are not scrobbling to on the mobile app

Local files are not scrobbling to on the mobile app

I have many local files on my playlist. Until today, they scrobbled just fine; however, they do not scrobble anymore. Normal tracks scrobble as normal.

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Having the same problem, only streamed songs can be scrobbled, I'm using the connect to Spotify app from the site. The Spofity add-on doesn't seem to function at all atm, but I think that's an issue with and not Spotify.


edit: I suggest upvoting this topic, maybe they'll see it faster then.


edit²: Seems like it's a problem with, check their status Twitter, they themselves said that Local File scrobbling is not possible atm.

I have the same issue. First my stuff stopped scrobbling all together, but when i clicked on the new connection in Last.fms applications for Spotify scrobbling, i fixed it. However, now it’s not scrobbling Local files, no matter what I try. And i can’t remove that connection anymore, because then won’t scrobble again, I already tested that. 

The issue is not with last:fm. All other scrobblers work perfectly fine.

Scrobbling is currently broken on all Spotify versions. I'm assuming they use a plug n' play component for connecting to the API, that they broke at some point last week; the broken functionality was rolled out in waves. Windows Spotify scrobbling broke late last week, iOS Spotify scrobbling was broken by an update two days ago. If we're lucky, they'll fix the problem soon so we can go back to scrobbling normally.

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