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Clicking Spotify Link In Instagram Loads "Download App" page.

Clicking Spotify Link In Instagram Loads "Download App" page.



This window ALWAYS loads when clicking a Spotify link within Instagram (on iOS). No matter how many times I click Spotify links, this page appears. It's deterring for artists, too many fans see this and decide not to click because it looks sketchy. Please fix this asap, you're losing traffic because of it. 

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Hey @KylePreston,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community.


Just to clarify, do you have the app already downloaded on your iOS device when you are redirected to the page we see in the screenshot? Furthermore, would you mind sharing the Instagram link(s) which take you to this page with us?


If you have the app already installed but keep being redirected to this page, it'd be good to try with a quick reinstall of Spotify to see if anything changes. If it doesn't, it'd be great if you'd share a video of what happens when you click on the link(s) on Instagram. This'll help us look into what you reported in greater detail.


We're looking forward to your update and we're here to help with anything else too!

Mario Moderator
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Hi @Mario


Thank you for replying, so sorry I only just saw this. 


I do have the app already installed on my iOS device - Spotify is updated and I've uninstalled/reinstalled and continue to see the same issue. I've attached two videos (zipped) of what I'm seeing. Happy to share more if needed 🙂



This has been a problem since the beginning of IG to Spotify unfortunately. It happens to every artist. I'm losing out on potential listeners through ads. Apple Music opens up right away though but there are less listeners on that platform.

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