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Control volume on iPad via iPhone

Control volume on iPad via iPhone



hi guys,

i am trying to adjust to volume on my iPad Pro via my iPhone 8(both running the latest software). I use Spotify premium and I can skip and select songs to play on my iPad without any problem via my iPhone but I can’t adjust the volume which is really annoying. Any help? 

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Hey, thanks for reaching out.

I know it sounds simple, but it's often overlooked. Could you try restarting your device? If that doesn't help, try a quick clean reinstallation of the app. Just follow the steps here.

If you're still having trouble, could you let me know the exact version of Spotify and the exact version of the operating system you're running?

I'll see what I can suggest!

Hi! Sorry for the late reply.


i have restarted my devices, reinstalled Spotify on both devices and I have just installed the latest software updates. Unfortunately it has not helped.


my 12.9 IPad Pro runs iOS 11.4.1

my IPhone 8 runs iOS 11.4.1 


i assume my Spotify version is 8.4.61 because i have just reinstalled it on both devices.


i hope that’s helpful to you! Thanks for your support! I again apologise for the delayed response.

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