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Could not synchronize playlists retrying

Could not synchronize playlists retrying

Why is it at least 1 out of every 5 times I go to use Spotify there is some problem?  I mean I pay $10 a month for this service.  I pay less than that for Netflix and there are not nearly as many problems.


Todays problem is the could not synchronize playlists retrying.  Never had this prob before for my iPod touch.


So I uninstalled the Spotify app and reinstalled it.  Now it will not even recognize my device!!


I am sorry,  but Spotify consistently give @#$% service.  It is not like every now and again something goes wrong.  The digital age is not perfect.  I get and accept that.  But when you pay for a service you expect a certain level of professionalism.  You expect things to work 90 - 95% of the time.  It is not an exaggeration to say that Spotify has problems 30% of the time.


How long has Spotify been in business?  There really is no excuse for this.


Can someone tell me if Rdio is any good?  I am more that ready to switch.




Dissatisfied PAYING customer

3 Replies

I am having the same problem on PC.

i have the same problem .......... two hours ago

Yep same problem here too, installed this as iTunes was continuously playing up, now have the same problem here!

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