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Daily mixes are not updating


Daily mixes are not updating




United States 


iPhone Xr

Operating System

iOS 12.4


My Question or Issue

This is the second time this has happened. My daily mixes have had the same songs for about 3 weeks. The first time the daily mixes locked it took 2 weeks for them to update. I've logged out of my account I've tried restarting my phone I've deleted Spotify and nothing is working. Is there any way I can fix this problem? Thanks.

Edit: I’ve also noticed that songs that I have blocked on Spotify are unhidden within the hour.

Top Answer

I had one of the daily mix playlist downloaded.

I removed the download, and the next day the playlists were updated.

28 Replies

I checked out the thread about the 8 hours and that's incorrect. 

Spotify, this is a real issue that affects a wide number of users. Each one complains about the problem being persistent across various platforms (app, desktop, etc.). You continue to respond with failed solutions that, frankly, make no sense. This issue is obviously not on the client side, but a problem with your servers and algorithms ceasing to update. It's unrealistic to think that customers who have had Daily Mixes update throughout the time they've had an account SUDDENLY stop listening to different songs that would FREEZE the algorithm and they'd no longer get ANY updates for Daily Mixes. Please stop telling customers to uninstall the app, or clear the cache, or listen to different types of music. That's not the issue and those "solutions" don't help. Please fix this issue at the account level or watch as we all head off to Apple Music where we don't have the threat of deleting our accounts and trying to rebuild years of listening data because your backend systems had a problem. Please stop blaming the customer and fix your own tech.

Update to my situation: it seems to have fixed itself almost 6m later. 

Nei mix non si aggiornano le canzoni

I got so fed up with the mixes being the same recycled songs over and over(of which I had never favorited any of those songs) that I cancelled my subscription. Now my mixes are stuck and won't refresh at all. Pretty pathetic.

the workaround doesnt help at all

That's a complete nonsense and a lie, I'm having the same problem for almost half a year, and cache clearing and app reinstalling DOES NOT HELP

This solution still doesn’t work. 

I had one of the daily mix playlist downloaded.

I removed the download, and the next day the playlists were updated.

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