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Deleted tracks still play

Deleted tracks still play

 I have searched the forums here and have not come up with a satisfactory answer to this question. Tunes I have deleted from my playlist continue to play. I’ve double checked my playlist and they have been deleted. The only responses I’ve seen on the forums regarding this issue is to delete the app and reinstall, which is essentially just a “make busy” response and not really a solution. Does anyone know a real solution to this problem? 

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Hey @LDMartin1959,


Welcome to the Community. We'd be happy to help! 


Can you confirm that your device is not on Offline mode so it can sync the changes made to the lists? 


All the best 🙂 


The device in question was off-line, but it kept repeating deleted tunes on the same device while it was still off-line. I understand about replicating to other devices, but this was self contained within a single device: continuing to repeat a song that had been deleted.

Hey there @LDMartin1959,


Thanks for clarifying this.


In this case, please make sure that the app is online to sync with any changes on your account. If that doesn't help, please try logging out of the app on your device and back in again to shake things up.


Let us know how it goes!

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