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Desktop Starred playlist not updating on iOS

Desktop Starred playlist not updating on iOS

If I star a playlist on the desktop spotify, it does not update or even show up on my iOS.


All updates to programs are up to date. Need a response.

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If you Star just one track, while in online mode, does that then show up on iOS? Also, how many tracks does it say your Starred has at the moment on your desktop? How many on your phone? We're seeing 10 tracks in your Starred list at the moment.


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It doesn't show up on my iOS if I star a track while online mode. Currently, I have only 5 songs in my starred playlist. Although, on the top of my playlist, near the toggle button for "Available offline", it says I have a total of 15 tracks.


I've had issues with this playlist recently and have tried the method of transferring my starred playlist to a new playlist and then re-starring it but it still doesn't show up on my iOS.

Did this ever get resolved? I'd like to know the solution. I am having a similar problem. If I star a track on my desktop/laptop it does not show up in my Star playlist on my mobile devices.  Correspondingly, if I star a song while listening on one of my mobile devices (i.e. iphone) it will show up in my ipad Starred list, but NOT my desktop/laptop Starred list. I am having no problems with my other playlists, just the Starred one.  What gives?

Apologize for the delay in response,


I was contacted by support via e-mail and they were able to solve it by restoring my starred playlist to two weeks ago. Once they did that, They told me to completely uninstall the desktop application and reinstall it and it seemed to have work and solve the issue. Hopefully this works for you as well.


At one point my starred playlist on my iOS was 634 and the desktop application was only showing 6 songs. Sounds like you're having the same issue I was.

i have the same problem, on desktop starred 1019 on iphone 1534??? i unstar all songs on desktop, but on iphone (online mode) shows 1534???


i solve this problem by creating new playlists and copy the starred songs into this playlistes, at the end i unstar manually  all songs from Starred on is an annoying problem, i don't understand why now???

what now happens ist when i unstar a songs in the playlist the song remain into this playlist and remove it from starred lists.

I am having the same problem and the starred playlist happens to be one of the primary features I find worth paying for.  If this does not get resolved I will sadly have to cancel my account.


I am a longtime Spotify user, but I am new to these forums.  There has got to be a way to get support.  I have a feeling this issue will need to be manually reseolved at the account level.  The last thing I want to do is cancel my account, but as I said before, starring songs is one of the primary ways I use Spotify to keep track of new music.  If I can't do that, I'll have to start again... 

How did you get in caontact with Support?

You can get in touch with support directly using the online contact form if you like. 

If you get an automated email reply back directing you to the community or help pages, you need to reply directly to that email (even if its from no-reply) and one of the customer services agents will get back to you as soon as possible.


However, we can also do some troubleshooting here if you like. If you star a track on your phone, does it appear on the desktop? 


There is currently a playlist synchronisation issue in desktop client v0.9.0.133 which is causing issues. If you are on that version (Help > About) then as a temporary fix, trying copying your starred tracks into a new playlist copying about 100 at a time, that new playlist should then go into sync on all of your devices. 


The playlist synchronisation issue has been corrected (to my knowledge) in the next version of the client v0.9.1.43 which is currently rolling out so it should make it out to you shortly.


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I'm hoping whenever this new version rolls out that it fixes the problem.  It is not only my Starred list that has been having problems. For no apparent rhyme or reason, other playlists will simply not sync songs between devices, and I'm quite frustrated. I agree with @brooksjah .... why should I bother paying for a service that doesn't work, especially when I spend time and effort trying to make playlists that don't sync, or in one case, completely disappear? 


Additionally, I have been completely underwhelmed by the Spotify "customer service/support" team. I started an email communication with the Spotify help team, and the replies that I received were thoughtless and a waste of time. I felt like I was quite clear what my problem was and what trouble shooting I had already tried. It was as if the responder never read my question. When I would reply, further clarifying the issue, my problem would go to a different service member who never took the time to read through the previous correspondences, and he or she would repeat the same asinine suggestions, sugar coated with a  flowery "all the best and a friendly smile"  (direct quote). The incompetence continued for almost two weeks before finally a "Senior Service Advisor" replied with a direct response that they are working on a patch for the problem.


I am writing the above so that 

1. I hope Spotify will take it to heart and get it together, because they have the potential to provide a great product that I will gladly commit to and pay for .... if it works.

2. Other users that may be having similiar complaints/problems (both problems syncing and problems with Spotify's customer service department) are aware they aren't the only ones.


Anxioulsy awaiting the patch, but a dollar is a vote, and I'm leaning towards applying my vote elsewhere.

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