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Desktop vs. Mobile App

Desktop vs. Mobile App

Is there a way (that perhaps I do not know about) to have the songs in a certain order in my playlists on my mobile app mirror the order on my desktop app on my computer? I have my songs set up a certain way in each playlist on my computer, but my Iphone app doesnt sync it the same..?

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Hey there!

I've moved your topic over here in the help section since it's more a question than an idea.


You can sort the playlist on the desktop with the different columns (title, added, etc.) but those do not change the "orginal order" in a playlist. The original position of each song can be seen when you have no sorting columns activated - that's how your playlist is synced. So you would need to change your song order in that non-sorted state and sync it to your phone afterwards.


If you want to be able to sort your playlists on mobile (iPhone) check out this idea here and add your kudos please! 🙂

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