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Disable Cover Art or Spotify-Lite

Disable Cover Art or Spotify-Lite

Can we get a feature to disable the album art in iOS?  Maybe get a Spotify-Lite setting?  I know personally I could care less when I'm flinging through playlist, what the album cover looked like, or any of the other extrenous content.  Especially when it seems like that could be contributing to the app hanging up.  On mobile I just want the music, even moreso when not on WiFi!

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I remember this being a highly requested feature when Your Music was in beta testing, as far as I know the images should be cached (since they don't change often) so you shouldn't need to wait for them to download.

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I could see that being the case with music you frequently listen to, but if you're browsing random playlist or using the radio feature and skipping songs, it definitely seems problematic.

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