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Disable autoplay when connected to Bluetooth

Disable autoplay when connected to Bluetooth

Give an option to not play music when connected to a Bluetooth device like the car. The android client has this why not iphone?

This issue has been brought up in 2018, 2019, and 2020 and the mods keep saying it's a user issue and to reinstall. Please stop lying to us as its a spotify feature issue. 

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didn't work for a minute; rebooted my iphone, and the shortcut DOES seem to work...!

can't edit posts here? anyway, it's just NOT working, it shows up when i connect my headphones (to pause playback on iphone), but... music continues. UGH

This feature still does not exist. All I want is for my music to play when I WANT IT. Not start playing when my car turns on. It is NOT a feature of an older blue tooth, this happens on both car play and the 2022 I just got. I don’t want music to blaring unexpectedly.


inreally so like Spotify, I’ve used it for a decade, but “play music only when I want it to” seems fairly simple to expect from a music player. 

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m honestly going to look at Apple Music and see if it’s capable of Basic Functionality 

where can I find the feature?

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