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Disable autoplay when connected to Bluetooth

Disable autoplay when connected to Bluetooth

Give an option to not play music when connected to a Bluetooth device like the car. The android client has this why not iphone?

This issue has been brought up in 2018, 2019, and 2020 and the mods keep saying it's a user issue and to reinstall. Please stop lying to us as its a spotify feature issue. 

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didn't work for a minute; rebooted my iphone, and the shortcut DOES seem to work...!

can't edit posts here? anyway, it's just NOT working, it shows up when i connect my headphones (to pause playback on iphone), but... music continues. UGH

This feature still does not exist. All I want is for my music to play when I WANT IT. Not start playing when my car turns on. It is NOT a feature of an older blue tooth, this happens on both car play and the 2022 I just got. I don’t want music to blaring unexpectedly.


inreally so like Spotify, I’ve used it for a decade, but “play music only when I want it to” seems fairly simple to expect from a music player. 

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m honestly going to look at Apple Music and see if it’s capable of Basic Functionality 

where can I find the feature?

So what I'm seeing on this thread, and several others highlighting this problem is that the only solution is to uninstall Spotify and cancel the sub. Because none of these fixes seem to work, in fact half the menu options mentioned don't exist where they're said to exist. All because i simply don't want to get blasted out of my seat every time my phone connects to the car.

I have the same problem. Even when I don't listen to music and end a phone call, Spotify starts playing music on my Bluetooth device.
I now have the option Spotify Connect on background turned off. Then tested by making a telephone conversation. It now remains silent after the telephone conversation has ended. I turned the option back on. and still remains silent. There may be a bug in this???

Hopefully this is helpful to you. At least it's quiet for me today 🙂

try disabling the option "Spotify Connect", see my post below.

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