Discover Tab?

Discover Tab?

I run two Spotify subscriptions - one for me and one for my wife. We both have the iOS app on iPhones but I've just noticed she has a 'Discover' tab and page on her app and I don't on mine. What gives? Is this being beta tested on just a few randomly or something? My wife is lauding her extra functionality over me (and not for the first time!).
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Welcome to the Community Bradleythebuyer! do you have the latest version of Spotify installed on your iPhone?

I believe so - There's no updates available at the App Store.
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I got this today on my iPhone, replacing the "what's new" tab. There was no app update, it would seem that Spotify enabled it at their end. I believe they are doing a slow rollout, so everyone will get it eventually. Interestingly I have it on my iPhone but not on iPad, desktop or web player, so it's not even enabled per user but per device. 


I have to say I like it so far, very nice feature on the iPhone.



Hi everyone!


Gibbage is correct
The 'Discover' tab is not released through an update, it is being slowly rolled out to individual users (it appears with no pattern, so that will explain why your wife has it but not you) in a way whereby it just appears with no update (clever really!), so hopefully you'll get it soon!


Anthony 🙂

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