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Discover Weekly Picture

Hello, This has happened to me before but I emailed Spotify and they resolved it but it's happening agian. So, I had a profile picture of me and my ex girlfriend as my profille picture on Facebook and it's been since May that I changed the picture on Facebook because we broke up but my discover weekly picture is still me and my ex and has not changed

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Hey @andrewstu2, help's here! 


It can take a few weeks for your Discover Weekly artwork to update after updating your FB profile pic. Sorry for the delay!


We'd recommend reinstalling the app on all your devices. We'd also suggest checking for an iOS update on your mobile device at this stage. 


If your account isn't directly created with Facebook (but is linked to Facebook, with a username), you can try following these steps to disconnect and reconnect your Facebook profile to your Spotify account. 


Keep us posted, and we'll be right here!

Nothing worked I deleted and redownloaded it. The last time this happened
it was fixed right away

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