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Previous songs I had downloaded and saved are now unavailable

Previous songs I had downloaded and saved are now unavailable

One example is Whitesnake, I had several songs saved and now they aren't available. I have tried logging out and back in and it is still the same. Even the albums that those songs came from are no longer available. This just happened recently, what's the story?
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I had the same problem. I think it's just the 1987 album and Slip of the Tongue that are gone. I really have no clue why this would happen. I can't imagine David Coverdale wanting to take them off, and there's no reason for Spotify to do it. Not sure how it could be an accident either. Just plain irritating. The thought that I may never hear Still of the Night on my Spotify list again is just sad. Didn't notice it with any other artists for me though. 

Yeah, it's just aggravating. Thanks for your reply, I'm glad to know it's not just me, my oldest son had called me and asked me if I had noticed it as well. Maybe it will change back like it was before🤞🏻

I'm currently communicating with someone from Spotify via email about the problem. They said to try reinstalling the app and logging in to their test account. (Not sure if I can give you the login information though). Neither worked for me but you may want to try. I also told them I noticed the albums are also missing on the iTunes store. I'll tell you if I get it figured out. No one should be deprived of Whitesnake 😉

Just noticed days ago that Give me all your love tonight from the whitesnake album (1987) is gone and if I go into my album covers it's there but it won't play it, it skips over it.  

Were any of the other songs available?

Not from that album. I have here i go again and is this love and they're still there.

I have this too, and I think it's because those ones are on so many different compilations and sound tracks that they couldn't get rid of all of them. When I play them from the album, a different cover comes up.

I discovered recently that there are many gaps in my playlists. Unfortunately contracts with artists or record companies expire, and this happens. Sometimes the albums/tracks come back. This is a good reason not to get rid of your CDs! I became so sad when I discovered that the collection Mythology by Be Gees is gone. Just gone! We have to live eith it, but do we like it. Oh, no!

I have noticed the same thing. I wanted to listen to it today & couldn't find it. Aggravating is putting it mildly. We pay to have premium & they don't even tell us why it's not available. Personally I want to hear the original song by the band , not a karaoke version. Maybe, it will get straightened out, we can hope.

This is a good reason to continue collecting CDs. It is Scary to discover
that tracks are gone! I use Spotify on a daily basis, but I do not trust
anymore that my playlists will be taken good care of!

The 1987 album appears to be back online, but the Slip of the Tongue album is still unavailable.

I know! I noticed it this morning! Making progress!

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