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Display bug - new apple watch series 7 app

Display bug - new apple watch series 7 app

Hi all,


I received the Apple Watch Series 7 (41mm) today.


As a devoted Spotify user I immediately checked the Spotify app. Unfortunately, I have noticed a bug - on the 'now playing' screen in the app, the 'like' button and the device button are both cut in the middle and do not show all the way.


Any idea what might be causing this? (app on iPhone as well as watch updated to latest version).


Thank you!

14 Replies

Same issue on series 7 41mm 😞

It also doesn’t display the track time anymore. 

I also have the same issue on my Apple Watch Series 7, 41mm with the latest available Spotify version (currently 8.6.72).

Spotify, you broke my heart! Well, so far only on my Apple Watch, please don't break the other one too and fix this 😉



Hi folks! 


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community. 


First up, we suggest that you perform a clean reinstall of the app on your phone. This process is more thorough than the usual one.


If this doesn't do the trick, could you try the following steps?:


  • Restart the devices.
  • Reinstall the app on the watch.
  • Re-pair the watch with your phone.

If those steps don't make any difference, could you let us know if this started happening after a specific event such as an update?


We'll be on the lookout for your replies.

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Hi Spotify,

I tried the mentioned steps, but didn't help.

This seems like a general issue with the Apple Watch Series 7, 41mm, most likely because the dimensions of the screen have changed a bit since the last 40mm model.

Please fix this.


I only have the Watch since the 15th of October and installed one Spotify update since, but I have seen this issue with both versions.

Hi folks,


Thanks for the post.


Could you let us know the following info:

  • Watch model and OS version
  • Spotify version

As soon as we have this info we can report this to the right forls at Spotify 🙂



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Hi Alex,


  • Watch model: MKN03HC/A (Apple Watch Series 7, 41mm)
  • OS version: 8.0.1 (19R354)
  • Spotify version: 8.6.72



I also upgraded my Watch to the latest 8.1 (19R570) OS that just released today, but as I suspected this didn't help and this is a bug in the Spotify app.

I tried clean reinstall. I did factory reset of my watch. When I paired watch, I even selected “set up as new watch”. None of these fixed the problem—the heart and device connect icons are still cutoff.

Apple Watch Series 7 41mm (cellular)

WatchOS 8.1

Spotify app version

Yay. The display bug is fixed with app version today.

I can also confirm that the display bug is fixed after installing the 8.6.74 version update.

Thanks Spotify 💚

Hey folks,


Thanks for keeping us posted.


We're glad to know it was sorted out 🙂


If you need anything else, the Community is here for you.



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Thanks to this article I can learn more. Expand my knowledge and abilities. Actually the article is very real.

Hi there @Charles8937,


Thank you for your reply and feedback.


We're glad to see that things cleared up for you.


Let us know if we can help you with anything else.


Have a great Friday and a wonderful start of your weekend 🙂

Take care!

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