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Dissapeared / empty playlists

Dissapeared / empty playlists

Hi everyone,


for some reason I can't find my playlists anymore with my Iphone 5s. At the 'my music' section it just finds my favorites but the list is empty (or at least, not loading the songs) and my other playlists are all gone. Furthermore, I can't get any music to become available offline. Can someone help me fix this? 




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FYI, I already tried to log in both via Facebook and account+password. Also, I updated the app, deleted it and installed it again.

Hello @Remia00, Welcome to the community! 🙂


You can recover your playlists here:


Hopefully this solves your Issue 🙂

Hi @Jean3601,


Thank you for your reply. This doesnt solve my problem though. All the playlists I have on my computer can't be found on my phone. So I don't want to recover playlists that I deleted on purpose, I want to find out where the playlists are that I still use. Another issue is that every song I listen to on my phone stops playing after about 2 minutes and doesn't continue after any type of action. 


Hopefully this clarifies the problem a bit more. 



Hello @Remia00


You can contact Spotify support here to assist you with your issue 🙂

If you receive a No-Reply email that says to check out the FAQ or Community just reply to that email and Spotify support will contact you 🙂

Support takes 24-48 hours to reply to you if they have not replied to you by tomorrow you can ask me here and i will escalate the issue for you 🙂

I hope this helped solve your issue 🙂

I just contacted them. I will let you know what happens next 😉 



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