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Downloaded albums stop playing after one song APRIL 2020

Downloaded albums stop playing after one song APRIL 2020


Country MEXICO


Device iPhone 8

Operating System Software version 13.4.1


My Question or Issue:
This issue has been posted before, and closed as "fixed," but it is not.  I can listen to my downloaded playlists offline just fine, but my downloaded albums stop playing after one song.  I continually have to press "play" manually to start the new song. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the app, and spent the several hours re-downloading my choice selections.  (grrr) I have everything downloaded in highest quality. 


5 Replies

YEP! Customer service had me DELETE MY DAMN ACCOUNT and it's still happening. STOP GASLIGHTING US AND FIX IT YOU JERKS!

I can say that I was also involved in the previous thread mentioned, and that I too have been having the same issue for three, yes, three weeks. That previous thread was marked as 'fixed', but the issue still remains. I have never experienced so much frustration from a mobile app before. See everyone in two weeks when someone from Spotify decides to post their initial response!!

Hey Spotify, just remind you that you you are cheating your customers. SAYING you fixed a problem doesn't make it so. We live in the realm of reality, not a fantasy land where words are magic. Fix your god awful app.

Spotify does nothing but lie about their shitty out of date app.

Imagine the “waiting skeleton” meme and the text says “waiting for Spotify to fix an issue”


Now how would I go about getting a refund for the month that I couldn’t use your service? Meh, forget it. Already obvious you couldn’t give a flying duck. You’ve been ducking out of answering our problem for long enough. Already moved to Apple. Absolutely no problems what so ever and they have some albums I couldn’t find on Spotify. 

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