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Downloading Local Files on iPhone

Downloading Local Files on iPhone






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I have been trying to download local files onto my phone for quite some time. I've done it all - created a playlist with the local files I want on my computer application, marked said playlist offline, downloaded the local files onto the phone itself before trying to download the files within the spotify application on my phone. However, the files have never downloaded, even as both my phone and laptop remained on the same WiFi network, and remain greyed out. How can I resolve this issue so that I can access the local files i have downloaded on my phone within the spotify application?

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This worked fine and dandy on my iPhone SE, but since I recently upgraded to X I've been having the same problem:


I have a playlist of some local files on my Macbook, avalible offline.

The playlist shows on my iPhone, also avalible offline, yet some songs refuses to play and some songs simply does'nt show up at all.


I tried removing and remaking the playlist. Did'nt play.

I even moved the files to a new folder, and made this folder my only source for local files and then remade the playlist yet again. Still did'nt play.

Restarted Spotify and reconnected to Wifi, on both iPhone and Macbook. No change.


The files are a variety of recently purchased iTunes m4a-files, and some older mp3-files. Yet there is no obvious pattern as to which songs play and which ones does'nt.


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