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Downloading local files

Downloading local files







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Mac os sierra


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 so I have some local only files on my mac spotify app and they are in a playlist. They play on the Mac fine


I had an iPhone 7 plus and posted earlier this week as it appeared that the playlists were not appearing on my iPhone. I was told to ensure the downloaded switch was set on the phone. I did that and the files downloaded after about 5 mins.


I switched to an iPhone x today and reinstalled spotify on the iPhone x. The playlists are present and the download switch is set but the files aren't downloading and it has been a few hours. What might I have missed.



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so it has been a few days now with no replies. HOwever, i found that the files downloaded in bursts. I.e. if i closed the spotify app on the phone and then re opened it, downloading would commence but moving to a different part of the app (i.e. search), stopped the downloading


I then had to close and kill the app, restart and more downloading would happen. 


If i closed the iphone downloading would stop. It seems that i have to open the app, leave it open and leave it to finish downloading completely. 


After that, everything has been hunky dory!!!



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