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Uploading local files to iphone

Uploading local files to iphone

I have a premium account and I’ve figured out how to get an album from my iTunes into Spotify desktop. I’ve created a playlist and added the songs to this playlist and have downloaded it. However, opening my mobile Spotify I see the playlist and it says I have 12 songs in the playlist but once I open it the playlist is blank. 


Ive tried playing the songs on the desktop playlist through the iPhone but this doesn’t work either as it says the song hasn’t downloaded and I can sync it from the computer but I don’t see how as I can’t see this option. 


Please help

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Hello, Help arrive!
If you are experiencing:
A. Grey title in Playlist
B. Cannot play mp3/m4a on iPhone

Please make sure the songs import into Spotify:
a. Not protected by DRM
b.In supported format (

1.Make sure your computer and mobile devices (iPhone) in the same WiFi network.
2.Remove the playlist which you find the problem
3.Remove and re-add the "Local Sources" - Make sure all songs synced.
3.1 Reopen Spotify app (MAC) [in case if you added too many songs] [Recommend to do]
4.Make sure all the songs which added can be played in Spotify (Mac)
5.Make whole new playlists (Recommend using different name from preventing sync error)
6.On Mac, check all the songs in playlist whether they can be played or not.
7.Download playlist on your devices(iPhone)

Please let me know if you have any questions.

ive checked all my files are MP4. I've created the playlist, and i've sync'd the playlist onto my phone, and i've downloaded the playlist. It shows i have 12 songs on the playlist however when i click through on to the playlist no songs show. 


I can't play the songs through my computer on to my iphone as i get a message to say the song wasn't downloaded!

I have the exact same problem here, but can't find a solution. How do we make this ticket more visible? 

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