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Downloading using WiFi

Downloading using WiFi

I am a premium subscriber and have over 35000 minutes of play last year but I am quickly running out of patience. When I am attached to my 30mb WiFi at home my download speed to Spotify is literally one song an hour. Is there a fix for this?


It’s either that or I leave, I know I’m just one user but I have been using Spotify and singing it’s praises since about 2009, the fact that something so simple could cause me to leave is laughable.


I have read the blogs and everyone seems to be saying the same thing and there is NEVER a fix. It cannot be that hard?


Will this go on deaf ears, probably. Will I leave if this doesn’t improve definitely



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Hi, what kind of device are you trying to use? The problem may not be Spotify. Also don’t leave Spotify! It’s great that you have been with them for so many years.

I’m using an iPhone 7 Plus. Everything that I download i.e. Netflix, podcasts, primevideo all download totally fine. It’s something that for a premium customer I’m not getting a premium service. Putting my phone into airplane mode whilst downloading seemed to be a bit of a work around.

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